6 recipes of tomato salad to cool you in summer

The tomato salad is my new summer craving and was not going to stay out of this fashion to write refreshing and easy recipes.

But talking about salads with tomatoes, this is not going to be my first recipe, because the caprese salad is already published. To put the disorder, we go better to the origin of this ingredient (the tomato), starting with the basics before preparing more beautiful combinations. Although it seems simple, according to my personal gastronomic laws, everything that is cooked with tomatoes is inevitably good.

Recipe easy tomato salad

Let's first learn how to make tomato salad in its most basic version. This is for many the best way to eat tomatoes and I do not blame them. 🙂

It is important to always choose juicy tomatoes, but at the same time fleshy and firm, so that they do not lose their shape when cut or melted like water.

salad with tomato

tomato salad recipe
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Tomato salad recipe

Easy step by step preparation of a salad with tomatoes, garlic and green herbs.I make sure to remove any residue, soaking them with water and a stream of vinegar (white) after washing them.

  • Chop the thin-walled tomatoes and arrange them in a bowl or large dish. Some people prefer to peel them before chopping, but for my taste the skin leaves more flavor, nutrients and fiber.
  • Peel the garlic, and then crush or chop it in very small buckets.
  • Spread the garlic over the tomato wheels. You have to take care that the pieces are really small so that the taste is uniform and no one ends up with a surprise piece of irregularly sized garlic.
  • Sprinkle the salad with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Cover with a thread of olive oil, more or less thick according to personal taste, and if you have decided to use balsamic vinegar, another of the latter's thread. In case of adding more ingredients to the basic recipe of tomato salad, it is recommended to moderate the addition of vinegar, to avoid the competition of flavors.
  • Nothing else with tomatoes, this salad works perfectly. To give it more prominence, here is the list of my favorite variations, always starting from the basic recipe.

     tomato salad recipe

    Tomato and onion salad

    It would seem that the basic recipe does not change much, but only the fact adding an onion gives a strength and a bitter-acid touch to the flavor, which is not everyone's favorite, but it is tremendously popular.

    For this variation, we are going to add a small onion to the basic recipe Peel and cut it into julienne (or strips) very thin and alternate with the slices of tomato, before adding the dressings.

    The onion has to be small so as not to unbalance the general flavor of the dish./p>

    Tomato and tuna salad

    The freshest way to incorporate protein into tomato salad is with tuna. This salad does not complicate the original recipe, because it is made with tuna that comes in a can (although for lovers of fresh ingredients, using a fish tuna can become a work of gastronomic art).

    To the point: add a can of tuna in water to the original recipe or to the tomato and onion salad recipe. If there are only cans of tuna in oil in your pantry or supermarket, then the dressing with olive oil is suppressed.

    For this variation the dressing with balsamic vinegar is not as recommendable.

    The cut of the tomato can also be changed from slices to cubes, or irregular pieces, to achieve a better mix with the tuna.

    Tomato and cucumber salad

    The lightest of all these variations of recipes, which is as good with the basic recipe as with the recipe of salad with onion.

    We are going to add to the basic preparation a peeled cucumber and cut into thin slices. The rest of the preparation remains the same. According to personal taste, in this case you can use cilantro or parsley as a dressing herb, instead of oregano or basil.

    Tomato and cheese salad

    The favorite variation of the lovers of gourmet cuisine, starting from the basic recipe to mix with white or yellow cheeses.

    I prepare it by adding to the tomato salad about 150 grams of goat cheese, cut into thin slices, and interspersed the slices.It is important that it can still be cut into slices. So, cut the avocado in half, remove the seed and make the slices with a knife, after removing the skin. The idea is to try to preserve the best possible shape, to then alternate with the tomato slices.

    In case the texture of the avocado is not so firm, it can be cut into cubes, and cut the tomato in the same way.

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