Chicken recipe in homemade pepitoria: grandma style

The recipe for chicken in pepitoria, or chicken a la pepitoria, is one of those classic recipes of grandmother, of the Spanish cuisine of a lifetime.

That said, we must make it clear that It is about an Iberian-style preparation, that is, about pepitoria as a way to prepare dishes in sauce. It has nothing to do with what is known in Central America as pepitoria, or seeds of certain pumpkins.

Homemade chicken recipe in pepitoria

To prepare the chicken in pepitoria, you go to Need our chicken broth recipe. Well, you always have the option of using chicken broth bought in the supermarket, but of course, your dish will be richer with a homemade broth.

 chicken in pepitoria

 chicken in pepitoria
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Chicken in pepitoria , Spanish traditional recipe

Learn how to prepare a chicken recipe with pepitoria, in grandmother's style, step by step.With a little luck, the task of shredding the chicken will be in charge of the trusted butcher, and we will not have to do it at home. We will also need that the chicken is already clean and without skin.
  • In the case of the eggs, we start from the principle that they are already cooked. If you do not have them ready, well, this is the time to cook them. Then we will peel them and cut them into pieces (and for now, we will reserve them).
  • The other ingredients that we will leave ready from the beginning are garlic cloves and onions. We will peel them, and in the case of garlic, we will crush them or cut them into small pieces. In the case of onion, we will also cut it into cubes. Then we will reserve these vegetables, for the moment.
  • The following will be salpimentar all the pieces chicken.
  • To continue, we will heat a frying pan with a little oil, in which gild each piece, for all its faces. The idea is that we leave all the chicken pieces sealed. We will reserve them for the time being.
  • Now, we will take care of the hard bread. We'll break it into pieces and fry them too. Then we will pass it to a mortar or food processor.
  • We will do the same with the almonds: we will fry them and add them to the fried bread.
  • Then, we will process or grind Almonds and bread, to make a base of the pepitoria, and mix the ground ingredients with the chicken broth. We will leave this mixture aside, as we move on to the next step.
  • Do you remember the cloves of garlic and onion that we had chopped before? Use a little more oil to fry for a few minutes, until the onion begins to take a light transparent color. Then, we will add the white wine, and let it cook for 5 more minutes.
  • Finally, we will incorporate the mixture of chicken broth, bread and almonds, in addition to the pieces of boiled egg, and some strands of saffron. Let's stir everything and salt the sauce lightly.
  • We will return the chicken to the pan where we have the sauce, and we'll let everything cook over low heat, for half an hour.
  • At the moment of serving, decorate each plate of chicken in pepitoria with the parsley cut.
  • Chicken in pepitoria: tips

    • Depending on the taste of the cook and the diners, chicken pieces can be browned lightly before cooking (after seasoning). There are also some chefs who prefer not to remove the skin.
    • If you are a garlic lover, you can use a little garlic powder when you season the pieces of chicken.
    • Some people They prefer to cook the parsley as part of the sauce. If you want to do this, keep in mind that it is an herb with a strong flavor, which will impregnate the preparation.Personally, if you use nuts, I prefer to make a mixture between both fruits.

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