Chicken with homemade garlic: traditional recipe

Garlic preparations are among the most tasty recipes that exist, and this garlic chicken is no exception.

So if you are looking for a lifelong chicken recipe, with a lot of flavor , but at the same time with a soft texture and ideal for a family meal, this traditional chicken with garlic is what they need.

Garlic chicken recipe

The necessary ingredients are very basic: chicken, garlic, a little white wine, flour and some condiments.

The secret so that the chicken does not dry out when frying it, is to cover it with a layer of flour, so that it is sealed on the outside in a first cooking, but preserve its juices and its softness inside.

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 crispy fried chicken
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Homemade garlic chicken

Learn how to prepare this traditional fried garlic chicken recipe, just like our grandmothers did.For now, we will reserve this ingredient.
  • Then we will separate the garlic cloves in two equal groups. We will remove the skin from half of them and chop them very finely. In the case of the other half, we will leave them with skin.
  • Regarding chicken , we will make sure the pieces are clean and ready to cook. We can remove the skin, according to the taste of the cook.
  • Then we will mix a pinch of salt and another pepper with flour, and we will scatter this powder on a flat plate. We will roll each piece of chicken over it, so that it is slightly crispy when cooked.
  • Next we will heat a frying pan with a good jet of oil. There we will fry half of the garlic cloves, those that we have left with skin. This will make the oil impregnate its taste.
  • When the garlic starts to take a golden color, we will remove the teeth and replace them in the pan with the chicken pieces. We will raise the intensity of the fire, because the meat needs more heat to cook. We will rotate each piece so that it cooks all over its surface.
  • Once golden the chicken, we removed it from the pan. We will also remove the used oil.
  • We will chop the lemon in half, and squeeze a of the halves, taking advantage of to sprinkle the already cooked pieces of chicken.
  • Then, we will renew the oil in the pan and we will fry the other half of the garlic, which we had finely chopped into small pieces. Let it brown a little over medium heat, and add the bay leaf and chopped parsley, or thyme. Mix everything lightly, before returning the pieces of chicken to cooking.
  • Right away add the wine, and let the chicken cook for ten more minutes (even a little less, if you see that the pieces already look very cooked).
  • That's it. Once the cooking time is over, we have our garlic chicken ready.
  • Tips for a chicken al ajillo perfecto

    • Dry white wine is not the only option to prepare this dish. Sherry wine can also be used, and although the flavor will change a bit, the result will be equally delicious. Everything depends on the taste of the cook.
    • The amount of garlic cloves for this recipe can be reduced, according to the taste of the cook and the diners. In this case, the recipe has been proposed with a maximum of garlic.
    • You can keep the oil from the first cooking in a jar, to be reused in another recipe. As it is oil impregnated with garlic, it will give you great pleasure to what you prepare.

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